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The association REPER – L’Association REPER

Health promotion and prevention work

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Our identity

REPER promotes the notion of well-being and balanced social life for everyone as an answer to the risks present in certain behaviors, attitudes and addictions. Based on a humanistic philosophy, our association contributes to develop self-esteem and self-affirmation, as well as integration and fulfillment of every person and group. Our work is founded on the respect of liberty and difference. Every human being has the right to gain access to education and health services.

Our mission

REPER is an association created in Fribourg in 2006. It was born from the unification of two organizations: LIFAT and RELEASE. The mandate has been commissioned by the Council of the State of Fribourg. REPER is recognized as a public service and it is granted by the financial support of the City and the State. Its social involvement is disconnected from any political attachment or engagement. REPER’s goals are to contribute to the promotion of health services, to prevent addiction behaviors and situations of risk as:

  • Affection and relational deficiencies
  • Addictions
  • Social exclusion and stigmatization
  • Non-employment and non-education

Our working procedure

REPER relies on about forty professional workers divided in five teams. Each group is composed by community workers, educators, teachers, psychologists, socioprofessional instructors and social workers. We encourage young people to build an open, independent and balanced life. In this context we collaborate with reliable adults. Our internal system of work privileges an interdisciplinary structure and partnership. The same philosophy is applied to our public, associates and mandatory relationships. Our purpose is to find new ways to solve difficulties through a creative, realistic and co-constructive vision.

Our five segments…

Information & Projects - Information & Projets

Target population

  • Schools: students, teachers, mediators, school authorities
  • Sports: clubs, sport associations, trainers, instructors
  • Festival organizations and restoration services
  • Educational houses and institutions
  • Public collectivities and associations
  • Companies
  • Youth, parents, adults
  • Education sites: HES (University of Applied Sciences and Arts), professional schools, Universities, etc.


Concerning health promotion, prevention of risk behaviors and addictions (alcohol, cannabis, tobacco, violence, screens/games, etc.):

  • Information and documentation
  • Counsels and orientation
  • Prevention projects and health promotion
  • Projects coaching
  • Training

Street & Accomplishments - Rue & Réalisations

Target population

  • Youth between 14 and 25 and their relatives (youth between 12 and 13 only «Get together and respect each other», « Sortir Ensemble et Se Respecter, SEESR»)
  • Communities: towns, districts, associations, etc.


  • Permanent educative reception
  • Creative workshops: dance, music, box
  • Health workshops, photo development, look and sexuality
  • Prevention programs: « Get together and respect each other»(«SortirEnsemble et Se Respecter, SEESR»), research techniques for work or educational purposes – F3Plus
  • Regular presence in the social public scene
  • Information and counsel
  • Individual and collective coaching
  • Analysis of challenging situations linked to youth and research for solutions
  • Projects and animations support

Centers for socio-cultural activities - Centres d’animation socioculturelle

Target population

  • Children and youth
  • All public


  • Open reception
  • Access to friendly and opened meeting spaces for all ages, every week
  • Cultural activities
  • Support and reinforcement of the cultural events
  • Workshops and projects
  • Through specific activities, our facilities allow individuals to develop, promote their own skills and become active members of the social unity
  • Consolidation of the community life
  • Support and development of the local social network

Undergraduate professionals - Préformation Professionnelle

Target population

  • Youth with compulsory schooling system achieved


  • Coaching in professional orientation and organization of an educational plan
  • Creating work experience through company internships
  • Retention and improvement of schooling knowledge
  • Development of attitudes and personal characteristics for work integration
  • Collaboration with the primary and secondary networks
  • Focused activities in the field of prevention and promotion of health, promoting
  • group work as a form of involvement.

Resources & Development (Choice program) - Ressources & Développement (le programme Choice)

Target population

  • Adolescents between 12 and 17 in a difficult schooling situation or in a breaking point condition
  • Families
  • School and local network


  • Individual and family meetings
  • Working in group on topics as relation, communication, motivation, addictive and offensive behavior
  • Working in network
  • Coaching for teachers

Our services are in French. By your request, we can obtain the help of an interpreter to ease the communication during meetings.

For further information, please contact: Cliquer pour afficher l'adresse dans Google Maps

Association REPER – Association REPER

Rue Hans-Fries 11 1700 Fribourg Tel : 026 322 29 01 Fax : 026 323 18 97 Courriel : info@reper-fr.ch Site internet : www.reper-fr.ch